Zimmer's Service Center Inc.

In the midst of franchise service stations and brand-name truck stops, Zimmer's Service Center Inc continues to maintain a sense of tradition, trust, and family values.


In 1996, Ron Zimmer purchased the former J.K. Shiley and Sons (a small Pennsylvania truck service shop) after having worked there for eight years as a mechanic. The original owners started the business in 1946 on Route 20 where the shop would service the old trucks that went from Erie to Cleveland before the Interstate was put in. It was one of the main fuel stops on the route for many customers.


Zimmer's Service Center has hit on a sure-fire formula to keep the business thriving. Good, old fashioned honesty and dependability and a heaping dose of friendliness. Ninety percent of our business comes from local repeat customers. The shop has expanded to also service Automobiles and Light/Medium Duty Trucks.


The employees of our facility includes Ron's son Kenny who is in charge of operations and 4 full time mechanics. Ron's wife helps in the billing and accounting department and payroll.


(814) 922-3706