Zimmer's Service Center Inc.

Our friendly staff at Zimmer's Service Center is here to assist you with all your repair or maintenance needs. We want to congratulate Dan Carroll on his retirement for 2016 and thank him for 20 years of service!

Ken Zimmer

Dan Carroll

John Stine

Ron Zimmer

- Owner

- Service Manager

  - Truck Technician - Retiring 2016

- Automotive/Truck Technician



Status - Married to wife Mary and 2 sons Ken and Keith. Exuberant Grandfather


Experience - 25 years as a heavy truck mechanic & 20 years as owner and Mechanical Certifications.


Hobbies - Dirt Track Racing, Snowmobiling, ATV's, Nascar, Camping/Traveling, and Church. Babysitting grandchild.


Favorite Food & Beverage - Home cooked meals, Miller Lite Beer.


Favorite Television Show - Frasier, The Waltons, and Mike and Molly.


Favorite Movie - Bucket List.


Pet Peeves - Road Side Mermorials.


Status - Married to Jen and sons Ben Aiden


Experience - 15 years as an Auto/Truck mechanic and now Service Manager


Hobbies - Dirt Track Racing


Favorite Food and Beverage - Mom's Twice Baked Potatoes, Captain Morgan and Coke


Favorite Television Show - Deadliest Catch & Street Outlaws


Favorite Movie - Remember The Titans


Pet Peeves - People mowing grass clippings onto the street


Status - Married to Sherry and 2 sons Dan & Pat.


Experience - 2 years Mechanical Engineering and 30+ years truck mechanics.


Hobbies - Wood working and restoring old Ford Trucks.


Favorite Food and Beverage - Corn Beef and Cabbage, Coke.


Favorite Television Show - Sons of Anarchy.


Favorite Movie - Christmas Story.


Pet Peeves - None




Status - Married to Janice and no children.


Experience - MTA Diesel School, 20+ years Automotive and Truck mechanics. ASE Certified.


Hobbies - Computers, Geo Metro Website, Muddin', Bicycling.


Favorite Food and Beverage - Pork Chops, Milwaukee's Best Ice Beer


Favorite Television Show - Big Bang Theory


Favorite Movie - Turbo Kid


Pet Peeves - Distracted Drivers

(814) 922-3706


Cody Beers

Status - Alive

Experience - If man made it, I can fix it

Hobbies - Custom Building Hot Rods and 4X4 trucks

Favorite Food and Beverage - Pizza and Coca Cola

Favorite TV Show - None

Favorite Movie - Death Proof

Pet Peeves - Stupid People and Dumb Questions

- Truck Tech/Fabricator

Roland Urch


- Auto/Truck Tech

 Status - Single/No Kids

 Experience - 3 years at Erie County Tech and 2 years auto tech

 Hobbies - Building/Driving Mud Trucks, Snowmobiles, and wrenching

 Favorite Food and Beverage - Taco Bell and Dr. Pepper

 Favorite TV Show - The Walking Dead

 Favorite Movie - Smokey and the Bandit

 Pet Peeves - None


Brett Howland

- Auto Tech

Status - Married to Sue/Kids & Grandkids

Experience - ASE Certified Master Auto Tech w/L1 Advanced Level. 36 years experience. Antique/Classic car specialist.

Hobbies - Playing the fiddle. Antique cars. Family

Favorite Food and Beverage - Diner food and good coffee

Favorite TV Show - Andy Griffith Show

Favorite Movie - Anything by the Coen Brothers

Pet Peeves - Ignoring the lessons of history